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Deliver the load

Enter the load details

Upload rate confirmation & the bill of ladings

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How is Bobtail different?

No Contract Ever

Setup is fast and easy, with no cost to you.

1 Simple Factoring Fee

We don't hide fees in fine print. Our only fee is the factor fee.

No Hidden Fees

We don't hold your money. You earned it, you get it.

No Termination Fees

We don’t have contracts that tie you up. You can leave at anytime.

No Transfer Fees

We won’t tell you how to run your business. Use Bobtail when you want.

Same Day Funding

Questions about running your business? We can help.

We take care of everything

Credit Checks




No Contract

No Contract Term

No Transfer Fees

No Termination Fees

No Monthly Minimums

Same Day Funding

Termination Fee



Up to $10,000

Bobtail Values

We create and sustain trust

We are consistent and dependable in our services, transparent in our engagements, and work hard to make sure we never have a trust deficit with our clients or our employees.

We make people happy

We genuinely want to make life easier for our clients through quality products and good customer service. We make our employees happy through a healthy work environment that values their voice, recognizes their accomplishments, and prioritizes their growth.

We work hard and perform at a high level – together

We work hard and diligently individually but we understand that our greatest accomplishments will come when we communicate and collaborate together as a team.

We believe in a work life balance

We want our employees to equally prioritize their work responsibilities with their life goals and aspirations and we provide them the freedom and flexibility to do that.

We empower our employees as leaders and decision makers

We believe in providing our employees with clear communication and expectations and allow them to decide how best to accomplish their goals.

We strive to respect people and their time

We see diversity of cultures and thought as an asset to be treated with respect and dignity. We value peoples time as our own and will do our best to never waste it.

We innovate

We aren’t confined by the status quo in finding the best solutions to the hardest problems.

We are a learning organization and we change based on what we learn

We are constantly creating, acquiring and transferring knowledge (both within and outside the company) and we use that knowledge to get better through incremental improvements.