Bobtail Zero Mastercard® FAQs

Bobtail Zero customers pay $0 in fees – nothing for origination, transactions, administration, membership, late payment, or any other fees.

No, the Bobtail Zero Mastercard® is a type of fleet card. It is a line of credit and you must pay the amount in full each billing cycle to avoid account disruptions. This is not a credit card.

Any trucking business owner 18 or older with a registered company and an active operating authority can apply for the card. You must create a Bobtail account or log into your existing account to apply.

We use various factors to qualify Bobtail Zero applicants, including a soft credit inquiry:

  • Personal Credit Score – At least one of the beneficial owners must have a personal credit score above the minimum requirement (640).
  • Operating Authority status – your authority must be active with the FMCSA.
  • Underwriting – we will verify customers’ identities and business information.
  • Sole Proprietors will not be accepted, you must be registered as a business.
  • Carriers with inactive operating authorities
  • Owner-operators who are operating under another carrier’s authority (leased on)
  • Business owners with a personal credit score lower than the minimum required
  • Carriers denied by the Bobtail underwriting department

Bobtail imposes spending limits based on a variety of factors. See cardholder agreement for details. To view your spending limits, log in to the web application and see your Account Settings.

You will set up your account by linking at least one bank account. When you enable autopay, payments will be taken automatically from your bank account. If payment fails, we will notify you so that you can link another account or ensure there are sufficient funds to cover the payment.

The credit line is dependent on the number of trucks you have and your business’ income. The maximum weekly line is $30,000. This line of credit is subject to change at Bobtail’s discretion. Remember, this is not a credit card.

Here are the situations where we may close an account:

  • The carrier’s USDOT status becomes inactive.
  • The business’s credit score, bankruptcy status, liens, or judgment reports place the account in the “high risk” category.
  • If we suspect identity theft or fraud, we will freeze the Customer’s card and account to prevent further fraud. 
  • Non-payment of account after 30 days;
  • At the customer’s request
  • If one late payment is received within the first 6 months and if two late payments are received within one year, we may close the account.

We will always give proper notice before closing your account.

You can request cancellation of your cards at any time without penalty. Your account can be closed when your balance is paid in full and we will set the credit line to $0.

The Bobtail Zero Mastercard® can be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted.

Your application can be denied for any of the following reasons:

  • Your operating authority is inactive.
  • You or your business information did not pass Bobtail’s underwriting process.
  • Your personal credit score is below the minimum requirement.

If you are denied for the program, you can reapply after 6 months to be considered again.