Don’t just work — make real impact in people’s lives.


We aim to make life easier for your trucking business by introducing quality products that ensure the supply chain runs smoothly and fairly.


These mantras help us attract positivity in our work and personal lives; while staying focused on achieving overall wellbeing.

Be dependable

We believe in providing our clients quality products and reliable customer service, consistently.

Be collaborative

We encourage our team to hone individual skills, so they can come together to create magic.

Be balanced

We strongly believe in having a work life balance and provide our team the flexibility to do so.

Be empowered

We enable our people to learn, grow and take ownership of how they want to accomplish their goals.

Savannah Muller

Customer Success

“Bobtail’s greatest asset is its people. It’s wonderful to work with a group that collaborates effectively to provide the greatest service to our truck drivers. We can treat our customers with honesty and care because of the trust and principles we share as a team.”

Lenin Hernandez

Customer Success

“How can you describe a job that doesn’t feel like a job? I guess this is the feeling you get when you know you are doing what you are meant to do, not what you are supposed to do, I work with my family in a family business we are bobtail.”

Cynthia Augustine Joseph

Client Success

“I LOVE BOBTAIL’ , for me it has been an incredible experience. I’ve been here for over a year now and can surely say one’s growth and progress is quite evident at Bobtail. Leadership and culture is so encouraging and helpful. We’re empowered, valued, and respected as members of the Bobtail Family. My job at Bobtail has proved to be a blessing for me and my family.”

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