Bobtail Affiliate Referral Program

Our Affiliate Referral Program allows other companies working with motor carriers, including dispatchers, brokers, social media content creators, paperwork agencies, truck dealerships, and insurance professionals, to refer new business to Bobtail and earn rewards. 

As an affiliate, you’ll earn rewards for every successful referral that signs up for Bobtail’s factoring service and reaches at least $20,000 in factored volume. It’s a simple way to earn money while helping trucking businesses thrive with Bobtail’s services. 

Interested in becoming an affiliate?

Click below to get in touch with our team.

To be accepted into the affiliate program, you must provide the following:

  • Complete contact information
  • Articles of incorporation
  • Copy of a valid US driver’s license

After you are confirmed, you will be able to set up an account and start earning.

How to refer: 

First, log in to your account

You have two options to add referrals, both are easy and efficient.

  1. Fill in Referral Details Manually:

Click on “Add Referral” and enter the required details manually. Remember to verify that the information you provide is correct!

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  1. Share Your Referral Link:

You can copy and paste your unique referral link to share with carriers. When accessing that link, the carrier is rerouted to the Bobtail website and prompted to fill out their information to get in touch with our team.

Affiliate Referral Program Terms and Conditions:

  1. Referral Criteria: To qualify for a reward, the affiliate must refer a contact who is not a current or former Bobtail customer, nor engaged in negotiations to become one.
  2. Approval Process: A referral will be considered “approved” once the referred contact factors at least $20,000 with Bobtail. Please allow 30 days for the referral to be processed after the referral’s factoring volume threshold is met.
  3. Referral Payment Process: Affiliates are not required to contact us separately for referral payments.
  4. Exclusion of Non-Bobtail Referrals: Referrals made outside the official Bobtail referral system will not be considered for rewards.
  5. Single Referral: Each contact can only be referred once.
  6. Cancellation: Bobtail reserves the right to cancel the Referral Program entirely or for specific members at any time and without prior notice.
  7. Referrals from Existing Factoring Clients: Referrals will not be eligible if the referred party already uses Bobtail’s factoring service.
  8. Dispute Resolution: Any questions or disputes regarding eligibility for the referral program will be resolved by Bobtail at its sole discretion.
  9. Communication Consent: By participating in the referral program, you agree to receive communications from the Bobtail team and are subject to Bobtail’s Privacy Policy.
  10. Exclusivity: The Bobtail referral program cannot be combined with any other offer.
  11. Clarification: Referral rewards are only applicable to referrals that result in new Bobtail clients.
  12. Acceptance of Terms: Participation in the Affiliate Program implies acceptance of these terms. Revisions to these terms may occur at Bobtail’s discretion, with updated versions posted on the website. Continued participation in the Affiliate Program constitutes acceptance of revised terms.