You Asked We Delivered. The Bobtail Mobile Factoring App Is Here

You Asked, We Delivered. The Bobtail Mobile Factoring App Is Here!

UPDATE: We’ve made lots of improvements to the app since launching in December 2022. Learn more in our latest update blog here.

The day is here! Our team has been working tirelessly to release our mobile factoring app. While our website is still accessible on mobile devices, our native mobile app makes uploading invoices from your mobile device easier than ever.

We’ll go over everything you need to know about our mobile app. If you have further questions, please feel free to reach out to your Customer Support team. 

Please know that you can still access your Bobtail account by logging in from your browser as you always have. The mobile app is simply an easier way to access your account, upload invoices, and follow up on your invoice status, all from the comfort of your mobile phone.

Downloading The App

The Bobtail mobile app is available on the App Store and Google Play. Click below to download the app. 

Download the Bobtail app on the App Store
Click here to download the Bobtail app on Google Play

You can also find the app by searching for “Bobtail Capital” on the App Store or Google Play.

Logging In

If you’ve factored with us before, open the app and log in using the same email and password you use to log into your Bobtail account.

If you don’t have a Bobtail account yet, you can sign up to speak with a representative here.

Uploading Invoices

Click “Add Invoice” and upload an invoice in two easy steps:

  1. Add documents by scanning directly or uploading files
  2. Add details including broker name, load number, rate, lumper, etc.

When uploading your documents, you’ll notice a brand new feature only available on the mobile app: document scanning. That’s right! Now you can scan your documents and upload them directly on the Bobtail app. The documents you scan on the app will ensure higher quality and thus, a higher approval rate. 

You can also crop, rotate, and apply filters to photos to make them easier to read. When you upload documents, you also have the option to label them: Rate Confirmation, Bill of Lading, Lumper Receipt, etc.

Managing Invoices & Notifications

When you upload an invoice, it will automatically show in the Processing tab on the Invoices page. When the invoice is approved and payment has been sent, invoices will appear in the Completed tab.

You’ll continue to get the same SMS text message notifications you’re used to receiving when an invoice is approved, declined, or needs additional attention. 

As always, we will be in close contact with you about your invoices to ensure everything is running smoothly. 

Your Profile

In the Profile section, you can see your account information and the help center. The Account Info cannot be edited. If you need to update your information, please contact your support team.

In the Help center, you can find our contact information to call or email our team.

Any questions?

Please contact your support team by logging into your account or calling 410 204 2084.

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