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What No One Tells You About Fuel Finders

Trucking businesses operating with a fleet of 1 to 10 trucks need to employ every possible advantage to save money on fuel. After all, fuel expenses are a carrier’s biggest expense after drive pay. Even a 5¢ difference can make an impact on your bottom line. 

This is why lots of owner-operators and fleet managers are turning to fuel finder apps to compare diesel prices and save money. But there are some big problems with more fuel finder apps. And these problems could be costing you more in fuel than you really need to be spending. 

Outdated Pricing Data

One of the main problems with most fuel finder apps is their outdated pricing data. In an industry where fuel prices can change 3-4 times per day at a single station, relying on static information can be a costly mistake. By the time you or your driver arrives at the fueling station, the displayed price from the app may no longer be accurate. This discrepancy can lead to unexpected and unwelcome surprises at the pump, putting a dent in your budget.

Solution: Look for apps that offer real-time updates or frequent price refreshes to ensure you have the latest information when making fueling decisions. Bobtail’s fuel finder in our fleet card app updates four times per day to ensure you’re always getting the most accurate diesel prices.

Limited Network of Retailers

Many fuel finder apps boast an extensive network of retailers and truck stops, but the reality is often different. These apps tend to prioritize partnerships with specific retailers, often those with amenities like parking, showers, and food. While these services can be valuable, they come at a premium. As a result, your app may not display all possible fueling stations, especially independent truck stops or regular gas stations that typically offer more competitive prices.

Solution: Seek out apps that show all available fueling options, ensuring you can make informed decisions based on both price and convenience. Our fuel finder does exactly that, showing every available diesel retailer, regardless of Bobtail’s business relationship with them.

Discount Networks: Too Good to Be True?

The promise of discounts can be enticing, but they’re often more hype than substance. Most discount networks associated with fuel finder apps are limited to a select few retailers, and these retailers often have higher baseline fuel prices. The apparent savings from a discount may be negated by the inflated starting price, leaving you with minimal real savings.

For example, they may advertise a 15¢ per gallon discount, while the diesel at the Speedway just up the road is already 20¢ cheaper.

Solution: Evaluate the starting fuel prices at the retailers offering discounts and compare them with nearby options. Don’t be swayed by discounts alone; focus on the overall cost per gallon. Because the Bobtail fuel finder shows you all possible fueling stations and prices, you will always be able to compare the overall cost regardless of the discounts offered.

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