Sheetz Fuel Savings

Save 7¢ per Gallon at Sheetz!

We are very excited to share the news that Sheetz is the latest addition to our fuel savings partners! 

When you fuel using the Bobtail Zero Mastercard®, you’ll save 7¢ per gallon at 43 Sheetz locations.

Alongside DFS, 7FLEET, and other partners, Sheetz puts us at more than 750 total locations that offer Bobtail Zero customers fuel savings.

Not a Bobtail Zero customer yet? Learn more and apply here.

Bobtail Zero Mastercard -- Apply Now

How can I start saving?

To access the savings…

  1. Log in to your Bobtail fleet card account and open the Fuel Finder
  2. Toggle the option to see discounted locations only and select your preferred location. 
  3. Head to the nearest Sheetz location on your route.
  4. Swipe your Bobtail Zero Mastercard® at the station.
  5. Watch the savings add up in your Savings Wallet.

How do the savings work? 

When you fuel at a Sheetz location, the savings are added to your Savings Wallet in the Bobtail fleet card app. At the end of each month, the total amount of savings you earned during the previous month will be transferred to your primary bank account.

For example, if your savings in April totaled $200, on May 30, $200 will be transferred to your account.

Any questions? You can reach our support team at 410-204-2084 or via We’re here to help you save! 

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