Save 10¢ per gallon at Global Partner locations

Save 10¢ per Gallon at Global Partners locations with the Bobtail Zero Mastercard®!

We are thrilled to announce a new partnership with Global Partners to save Bobtail Zero Mastercard® users 10¢ per gallon at 45 locations!

How much can I save?

Our partnership with Global Partners will save you 10¢ per gallon, regardless of the fuel price that day. As a bonus, all Global Partners locations treat a Mastercard transaction as a cash price, saving you 6-8¢ additionally per gallon, compared to large truck stop brands. 

Check the Bobtail Fuel Finder in the app to see the nearest Global Partners location.

Not a Bobtail Zero customer yet? Learn more and apply here or give us a call: 410-204-2084.

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Who can access the fuel savings?

Our fuel savings program is available to all Bobtail Zero Mastercard® holders with an active account. 

How can I start saving?

To access the savings, simply log into your Bobtail fleet card account and find a Global Partners location on our Fuel Finder. 

Go to the location, swipe your card, and see the savings add up in your Savings Wallet. 

How do the savings work? 

Fuel savings are added to your Savings Wallet in the Bobtail fleet card app

At the end of each month, the total savings you earned during the previous month will be transferred to your connected bank account.

For example, if your savings in May totaled $200, on June 30, $200 will be transferred to your account.

Questions? Reach out to our support team at 410-204-2084. We’re here to help you save! 

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