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Introducing Fuel Savings at Roady’s with the Bobtail Zero Mastercard®

We are very excited to announce that Bobtail has joined forces with DFS to bring customers fuel savings at 350+ Roady’s and PTP truck stops!

Here’s everything you need to know about these new fuel savings:

What is DFS?

Direct Fuel Sales Logo

DFS (Direct Fuel Sales) has a network of over 350 truck stops, including Roady’s and other independent retailers. They’ve recently partnered with Professional Transportation Partners (PTP), which will add 125 locations to their growing network in the first months of 2024.

DFS locations nationwide

How much can I save?

Savings can vary, depending on the fuel market. You can expect an average savings of 20-30¢ per gallon. We’ve seen savings as deep as $1.00 or more! 

Check the Bobtail Fuel Finder in the app to see the nearest location and how much you can save.

Bobtail fuel finder in Chicago

Who can access the fuel savings?

Our fuel savings program is available to all Bobtail Zero Mastercard® holders with an active card(s). 

Not a Bobtail Zero customer yet? Learn more and apply here or give us a call: 410-204-2084.

How can I start saving?

Here’s how to access the savings at a DFS truck stop location near you with the Bobtail Zero Mastercard®:

1. Log in to your Bobtail account and open the Fuel Finder.

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2. Search your current or chosen location to see a list of fueling options.

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3. Select a discounted location where you want to fuel.

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4. Click “Reserve Fuel” and follow the prompts to get your reservation code. Keep your phone nearby for verification.

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5. Use your reservation code at the truck stop to fuel. Do NOT swipe your card.

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How do the savings work? 

When you fuel at a DFS location, your card will be charged for the fuel at full price. You will get the savings added to your Savings Wallet in the Bobtail app

At the end of each month, the total amount of savings you earned during the previous month will be transferred to your primary bank account.

For example, if your savings in February totaled $200, on March 31, $200 will be transferred to your account.

Questions? Reach out to our support team at 410-204-2084. We’re here to help you save! 

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